About Us

The Bell Township Volunteer Fire Department was born when on "December 5th, 1938, a raging blaze leveled the town hall in Salina, After struggling in vain to halt the flames with a hand pump and bucket brigades, residents decided the needed something better." May 23rd , 1944, The Bell Township Volunteer Fire Department was chartered. The department consisted of 39 members with P.C. Shear serving as the first Fire Chief. The first officers of the BTVFD were Roy Muffley; President, L.T. Carahn; Secretary, Harry Carnham; Treasurer, Plummer Shear; Chief and C.W. Hicks; Assistant Chief. General Refractories donated  a garage which housed their first truck - a 1945 International. In 1968 & 1969 two new trucks were purchased to replace the 1945 International. Both trucks were customized by American Fire Apparatus Company. Both trucks had 1000 gallon booster tanks and were capable of pumping 750 gallons per minute. They were both equipped and carried a total of 800 feet of 2-1/2 inch hose, 2000 feet of 1-1/2 inch hose, 1000 gallon portable water tanks, a generator, two ground ladders and numerous other items. Value of these trucks were $60,000.00 each. The Bell Township Volunteer Fire Department Ladies Auxiliary was an important asset to the fire department. These ladies aided the department by taking care of the fire hall, running the kitchen and raising money for improvements and maintenance of the hall.

Today the Bell Township Volunteer Fire Department proudly protects its 2,500 residents in a 34 square mile area by providing Fire-Rescue and EMS Assistance on high priority medical emergencies. The department has 33 active members and is lead into action by Chief Steve Master with two engines, one rescue and one brush truck and a squad truck


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